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Unexpected Wildlife in My Front Yard

This is why once the move was completed, I wasn’t quite sure what to do when I met with some unexpected wildlife in my front yard where I least expected it. Someone decided to speed on my block, and the result was a large corpse of some kind in our front yard. I had no idea what the animal was other than it was big and it was dead; that was not a good thing. I was home alone at the time. My mom was off at a business meeting and my eldest city was attending a camp. I was deep in my usual summer past time of reading and muttering unhappy words about the Chicago heat. I heard the crash. Then I saw a stranger get out, delicately remove the animal from his wheels then drive away.


Turkey Vulture

The real surprise was about twenty minutes later when I saw what looked to be a large bird outside eating the remains. I’d never seen such as thing in my life. I immediately took a picture of it and posted the picture on the net. Within minutes, I had five responses from people all telling me it was a turkey vulture. For those who don’t know, this is a bird that eats the remains of other birds. They even have a special digestive system that makes this possible for them to do. If you see a turkey vulture or are worried one is in danger contact Wildlife and Pest¬†immediately so they can be protected and handled properly.

The Coolest Thing Ever

I sat there watching the bird for about an hour. It nearly picked the entire corpse clean. I’ve seen a lot of cool things in my life. This was easily the coolest thing ever. No chemicals. No chasing. No calls. Just Mother Nature right outside my door doing her thing. Even years later I can recall how fantastic it was. This was the perfect introduction to nature for a city girl like me. I called animal control a little while later. They came to my house and cleaned up the remains of the animal in my front yard, all the while admiring the hard work of my local turkey vulture.¬†Follow the link to learn more about living with wildlife.Follow the link to learn more about living with wildlife¬†